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Date : February 6, 2005
Location : Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall, NYC

Krystal Classical Productions Presents
John F. Kennedy: Requiem
Lyric Symphony In Song - William Maselli

I. See The Sun Rise

See the sun rise o’er the ocean
See the sun rise!

II. Reach For Freedom

Feel the warmth of light
Feel the light of freedom
Feel the light of truth
Reach and touch the light of love
Seek the light of love
Reach for freedom!

III. The Struggle

See the lightening flash in the sky!
I see my life flash before me
I kiss the trembling world
A life of struggle and of pain
I leave you now, my love.

IV. Ice And Blackness

Somewhere in time from deepest space
Will penetrate a light to guide the human race
The stars will glow, the moon will fire with passion
Monuments and cities ashen
Slowly from the ruin we shall rise
From soul to soul from blackness drawn
Will rise a faith thus far unknown to draw upon
A faith of dreams that never will be vanquished
Hope where once but sorrow languished
Victory immortal realized!
The world spins on, my mortal heart
I’ve felt the rage, I’ve felt the pain, I’ve played my part
But in the end I leave you scarred and finding naught
Only memories and visions in the sky
I dreamed a dream, it was but dim
I strove for truth, I tested faith, I fell to sin
I left behind the path of peace to penetrate fear
Our truth within, our sin
Lift up my eyes, infuse my limbs,
Give patience to my memory before it dims
The shadows bound and close me in and overwhelm me
I shiver violently and pale before my fate
Horizons loom, I cast away,
A shadow lifts and now a dozen steal away
Restless and impatient yearning
Energy and matter burning,
Striving, realizing in my pain
With passion’s best and victory crowned
A last goodbye, no last farewell and no last sound
All around me I hear mothers weeping
Tortured souls with anguish leaping
Through the fire of madness and despair
O shattered dream! O tortured fall!
I am alone, embrace my sin, I’ve lost it all
The sky above is black and cold, I stagger blindly!
I’m struggling to be free
O wretched fate! O sad decline!
And then no soul to breathe my name in rapid time
The fire of hell, the heat of hell, I flee to die: Die!
Rejoice and cry, I live, I die, I rise, I fall.
A parting sigh I cannot groan
The blackened sky, the ice cold sky, I am alone
The swirling of the sand and water in the ocean
Ice blood, eyes black, I drown.
My pounding soul, my bleeding heart,
My noble soul, my noble heart are torn apart
I scream for breath, must conquer death, O God I’m dying!
I scream, O God, I Die!
For sight I strain, for sound I strain
I will to live, blackness and ice conquer my brain, O my brain!
Is there no hope, not one last breath, O death surround me!
O death! O God!
O Carry me.
O bear me from this bloody scene, O bear me on!
I look to you I see your light, O carry me
I strain for everlasting life, O carry me
I feel your beauty grip my soul, O carry me
Your light it fires up my soul, o bear me on
I strain for everlasting life, o carry me
I strain, I reach, I almost touch, o carry me
Immortal soul I seek your fire, o carry me
God grant me everlasting life! O God!
Everlasting life, I glory in your soul, o everlasting life
Your beauty grips my soul, everlasting life
O carry me!
See my soul! View the painful scenes you have just left behind
Your body and its mortal glow, O see my soul
Descend and taste of death again, O feel my soul
The madness and the pain again, O mortal soul
I fall through ice and blackness and I die!

V. John

The music carries me, my soul is tearing free, John my son
The dreams I bore for you, the love I swore for you, John my son
All my love and all my dreams are fading away
Catch my spirit please don’t let it fade away
The songs I sang for you, the plans I had for you, John my son
I’ll never watch you grow from the depths of my shadow, John, my son
God o God you gave me life to die
John my son I know you’ll wonder why. John!

VI. The Stone (Song of the male Spirits of Ancient Eire)

Can we put into words, we who love for love alone
The sliding of a noble soul into the flow of ten billion minds
And from Creation’s blackest hole to pour forth in one lyric line
The truth that might a dumb bell toll, and sigh, my God his soul is mine!?!
Can we put in melody, we who sing for life’s own dream
The beating of a noble heart in spiritual eternity
And from our father’s empty grave with spirit-winged heredity
The sting that harmony can’t save, for truth, I say his heart is me!?!
Can we put into a groan, we who groan because we must,
The rapid fading of a Race. slipping, slipping can’t you see?
Will righteous pride be righteous dust?
Will beauty paint my sinking face?
And from the heaven’s deepest sea will rise a stone which was a star
And still we’’ll groan as we embrace, My God, we live, the stone is we!

VII. Truth Eternity (Song of the female Spirits of Ancient Eire)
The fading vision of the sun, the distant beckoning of the stars
The whispers of the golden moon, the glow of Jupiter and Mars
The transcendental mystic soul, the passion of consuming heart
The rapture of love’s melody, the blossom of God’s mortal art
We leave the planet as we came, a swirling of the cosmic sea
The spirits part to let us pass within this Truth Eternity
We live our truth imperfectly, shadows bound our burning souls
Until we soar majestically the realm that God alone controls.

VIII. Jasmine (Song of Rose)

Jasmine my young love, stars danced in your gleaming eyes
Music drifted from your soul
Joy radiated into our lives
Love was upon you, sweetest child!
Brief was the time your spirit did stay
God has called you away
Away for all time
The stars danced in your gleaming eyes
No more shall I behold your light
Never again to behold your light
Away sweet soul, pass to Light!
Only the shadow remains.

IX. Away From Love (Night Melody of a Young Girl)
Far away from love the midnight shadow falls!
In the light of love our hearts beat to the tune
Of the music in the stars and the beauty of the moon
O Light of Love! Such fleeting truth!
Far away from love, such a distant light
So far away, away from love!

X. Light and Love(A Wife’s Farewell)

The image of your soul surrounds me,
The spirit of your soul is vaguely mine
All the dreams of your heart and the magic of your mind
The fantasy and truth of light and love
I touch and kiss the flowing beauty captured in ecstasy with melody
All the sorrow and the pain all the freedom of the stars
The fantasy and truth of light and love
All my days of light and love, all my nights of love and light
All of heaven in the mirror of my soul
In the fleeting space and time I live the splendor of our rhyme
The fantasy and truth of light and love
Yes we wander through the garden of our madness
And taste the desert wasteland of the sane
O the victory was dear, was the beauty ever pure?
The fantasy and truth of light and love.

XI. Triumph Into Time

O wake sleeping love dreaming restlessly
The spirit of love whispers tenderly within
O fly love’s embrace one last time to my arms
Feel our hearts beat as one.
O fly distant love to my grieving heart
The light of your soul melts the shadows of fear
O press gentle kiss one last time to my arms
Feel our souls rise as one
Souls rise as one!
O mystical rhyme of eternity
Star-dancing beams lift our weary souls to light
Consuming caress into time
Eternal union triumph into Time!

XII. Immortal Mystery

From the cold, from the dark, from the swirling and motion
From beyond mortal time and the god’s starry ocean
From beyond life itself mortal soul journey homeward
Sunder space, sunder time, sweep within spirit’s motion, soar!
Ascend to holy light and pass to mystery!
We embrace mortal life, instinctual emotion
Destiny sounds within inner spiritual ocean
Drawn to earth, drawn to sky, timeless melodic passion,
Frightened soul, take to flight, grasp eternity’s paradise: O Paradise!
Winter night, biting cold, frozen terror destruction
Candlelight from afar desperation to rush in
To the warm, to the light, to the soul-breathing ocean
Free to live, free to love, free to savor emotion, Dream!
Dream melodies of light!
Summer night, gentle breeze, sensuality tingling
Starry sky, moon aglow, all eternity mingling
In the warm, in the light, in the soul-warming ocean
Rhyme Divine, touching time, climb the staircase of stars to Light:
Stars dream of Light!
Spirit mist, rapt embrace, tantalizing conception
Spirit bliss, mystic trace, mesmerizing reflection
Mortal Race, blind and bound, matter seared with emotion
Journey home, sacred soul, beyond God’s starry ocean, Soar!
O soar to God!

XIII. Into Light

Into light paradise beckons magically bright
Glimmer of eternal wonder riding on a wave of thunder’s ecstasy
Into light black and white merge most magically tight
Vision races blindly by me, love’s delight enraptures heart and soul
Beauty in such brilliant blossom captivates my essence heart and soul
Flower of love, blossom divine, mystical rhyme, vision of truth
God’s holy light, heaven’s delight, dreams fade from sight
Into the light of Eternity!
No! No dream did dare behold such light in dark despair
Burn! In deepest hell, this mortal spell, enflamed desire!
Love’s bright eternal flame! The spirit of life is our gain,
From darkness into light,
From chains then into flight,
From blindness into sight,
From Darkness into light
My spirit’s floating on a beam of golden light
My soul is soaring into endless sacred flight
The magic of creation pours into my sight
The peace of love and beauty ecstasy’s delight
The heat of God’s embrace has shattered grasping night
Eternal vision’s essence masters mortal life, eternal life!
I am of Heaven soaring grandly into Light!

XIV. Creation’s Mystic Light

To eternal majesty, spiritual ecstasy, to creation’s liberty
Soar, through time, soar to God!
Love, divine soul, spirit’s light, guide my way
Light’s galaxy, cosmic sea, fades away
Life, mortal flame, cast me forth, burn away
O truth your soul consumes my heart
For God I cast my blinded hope, swept away in timeless wonder
All life’s visions flare before me, sacred spirits prayers implore me
Hasten on this sacred journey toward eternal life!
The path to light, the path to life.
Star bright, magically you beam your light through the abyss of blackness
Your fire ignites passion’s glow
Stars’ light, mystically you forged my life,
Chasm of soul consume me
I gaze beyond paradise
To beauty eternal creations’ mystic light!

XV. Transcendence

Feel the warmth of light, feel the light of freedom
Reach and touch the light of truth, reach and touch the light of love
Reach the light of love
Seek for freedom!

William David Maselli