John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Requiem
Lyric Symphony in Song - William Maselli

This recording of the John F Kennedy Requiem: Lyric Symphony In Song has been presented as a novel experiment of a recording truly in progress. The recording currently has all instruments as scored, albeit single strings, as well as tenor Marc Heller, bass Aaron Borst, sopranos Megan Weston and Crystallia Spilianaki.

This recording has been continually updated instrument by instrument, allowing the listener to experience unique aural worlds that will never exist again. It began with only bass and cello. As new instruments have been layered in, the sound has changed, and there was no turning back. Except for the string version, which will survive. The other intermediate stages will vanish. Like watching a child grow. In the end hopefully there will be various versions that, singly or collectively, comprise a definitive recording of the small orchestra as scored for the Carnegie premiere in November of 2004. It remains for a performance and recording of the work as originally conceived with large orchestra and full chorus with four vocal soloists.

December 6, 2010

Conducted by William Maselli

Marc Heller, Tenor
Megan Weston, Soprano
Crystallia Spilianaki, Soprano
Aaron Borst, Bass

Amy Schroeder, Violin 1 and 2
Gillian Gallagher, Viola
Morgen Johnson, Cello
Toshio Mana, Bass
Elizabeth Janzen, Flute
Jeanette Zyko, English Horn
Kliment Krylovskiy, Clarinet
Sarah Gauthier-Pichette, Bassoon
Joe Assi, French Horn
Sarah Hatler, Trombone
Frosty Lawson, Trumpet
Danny Mallon, Tympani